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Pictures Submitted by Deer Lake Members

"Green Tail Towhee", submitted by Kyla Wood

"Spotted Towhee", submitted by Kyla Wood

"Sunset View from Eureka Mesa", submitted by Kyla Wood 

"Turkey Hen and Chicks on Eureka Road", submitted by Kyla Wood

"Stellar Jay", submitted by Kyla Wood


"Bluebird Mesa View", Submitted by Kyla Wood 

"Rain Soaked Great Horned Owl", Submitted by Kyla Wood

"Twin Bull Elk", Submitted by Kyla Wood 

"Broad Tailed Hummingbirds", Submitted by Kyla Wood


"New Mexico Locust", Submitted by Larry Buxton

"Rocky Mountain Iris", Submitted by Larry Buxton

"Meadow Fawn", Submitted by Larry Buxton

"Male Black-headed Grosbeak", Submitted by Larry Buxton

"View from Bluebird Mesa Lookout", Submitted by Larry Wiles

"Steller's Jay", Submitted by Larry Buxton

"Clear Creek Falls", Submitted by Larry Wiles

"Canada Violet" Submitted by Larry Buxton

"Northern Flicker", Submitted by Larry Buxton

"Scarlet Gilia", (Submitted by Larry Buxton)

"Male Evening Grosbeak", (Submitted by Larry Buxton)

"Green-Tailed Towhee", (Submitted by Larry Buxton)

"Band-Tailed Pigeon" (Submitted by Larry Buxton)

"Brunch at Deer Lake", (Submitted by Larry Buxton)

"He Travels at Night" (Submitted by Larry Buxton)

"Acorn Woodpecker" (Submitted by Larry Buxton)

"Western Tanager" (Submitted by Larry Buxton)

"Early Morning Visitor" (Submitted by Larry Buxton)

"Early Hunters on Bluebird Mesa?" (Submitted by Larry Buxton)

"Last Weekend for the Summer" (Submitted by Larry Buxton)

"Mom Running the Meadow with Her Little Girl" (Submitted by Larry Buxton)

"Buddies" (submitted by Larry Buxton)

Views from Kevin Tracy's Cabin (submitted by Larry Buxton)



Local Wildlife (submitted by Larry Buxton)



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