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Greetings from Deer Lake Estates, located in the picturesque Nacimiento Mountains of the Santa Fe National Forest in northwestern New Mexico.


+ + + + +  Fire Danger has been reduced to Moderate + + + + +

Recent rain has reduced the danger of fire. Additionally, the closure of Santa National Forest has been lifted due to increased humidity and rain.


+ + + + +  County Open Burn Ban Rescinded  + + + + ++ + + + +

The Sandoval County Fire Department ban on open burning in the unincorporated areas of Sandoval County has been lifted.  Normal procedures for open burning are once more in effect.


+ + + + +  Weather Station and Net Camera  + + + + +

Turns out the problems are not the result of the switch to HughesNet, but to the fact that the web hosting service has started requiring a more secure file transfer protocol than was previously the case.  Neither the software that builds the display for the weather station nor the net camera firmware provide that ability.  Both are pretty old, and after talking to both companies, neither has any plans to update their systems to allow for the secure ability.  Both systems continue to attempt uploads on a regular basis (once each hour for the weather info and every 15 minutes for the camera).  Occasionally the upload will go through, but most are refused by the target server.  So, what all this means is that I've got to figure out how to implement a secure upload system, install it and configure it to work with the unstable power at Deer Lake.  It may be a while for this to happen.  Please be patient while I work to get it fixed.

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